Benefit of Outsourcing Your NOC Support.

author-image Posted On: October 12, 2023
Benefit of Outsourcing Your NOC Support.

The possibilities for growth are exciting. However, as you attempt to scale your managed service provider (MSP) business, there is a lot to consider, from increasing sales and marketing to establishing a compelling range of services to recruiting the proper specialists.

Scaling up entails accepting more clients. More clients mean more endpoints to monitor, patches to install, tickets to resolve, and other logistical issues that can strain a fast-expanding MSP’s time and resources.

MSPs may cooperate with an outsourced network operations centre (NOC) to manage these and other activities. 

What is an Outsourced NOC?

The term NOC refers to a centralized location from which third-party IT specialists monitor, manage, and maintain a company’s network infrastructure, which includes: 

  • Servers, 
  • Routers,  
  • Switches
  • Other Networking Equipment

A NOC is responsible for the following tasks in addition to 24/7 network infrastructure monitoring: 

  • Responding to incidents and notifications
  • Device management and update
  • carrying out routine maintenance activities

MSPs can cut costs associated with operating an in-house NOC by outsourcing NOC functions. Outsourced NOC monitoring also gives you access to a team of seasoned IT specialists with specialized knowledge and expertise in managing complicated network settings in the face of internal personnel shortages. 

However, it is critical to carefully examine potential outsourcing partners to ensure they have the requisite experience and resources to maintain your client’s network infrastructure efficiently. 

Benefits of an Outsourced NOC

The benefits of outsourcing your network operations centre are many: 

Manage More Client Endpoints.

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions and intelligent use of automation make it easier for technicians to maintain their clients’ networks. However, expanding remote work implies more endpoints that require monitoring, which means more work for a small or busy MSP team.

To be clear, daily endpoint monitoring is a challenging task. It involves a variety of tasks, including:

  • Responding to typical client tickets, such as password resets
  • Software updates and patches 
  • Response to and triage of warnings
  • Virus and other malware removal
  • Network asset detection using network scanning
  • Installing agents on new devices as they join the network
  • Configuration verification
  • Reviving downed servers or other IT infrastructure back to life

An outsourced NOC can do these endpoint monitoring and management tasks more readily than the average MSP. A solid NOC will work with your RMM to collect and track every activity. Furthermore, with 24×7 assistance, they ensure that endpoints are continuously checked. This is critical in today’s digital ecosystem, as unmonitored endpoints, which have recently increased, provide security gaps through which hackers might pass.

Take Care of Routine Tasks Quickly

MSPs can handle the tasks listed above on behalf of their clients. However, spending less time on such manual activities rather than high-value, high-paying jobs will eat into your profit margins. NOCs provide some budgetary leeway while maintaining top-tier client service. 

Outsourcing benefits both you and your client. Outsourcing regular tasks, such as ticket response, to a good NOC shortens the time it takes to address client inquiries. The NOC function in ACS Networks & Technologies RMM reduces resolution times by 40% and MSP workloads by 30%. You’re working optimally when you can handle 90% of typically issued tickets and clients’ notices.

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Less Client Downtime

For many client businesses, even minor downtime can have major consequences for their operations. NOCs assist in this regard by managing the following network security dimensions: 

  • 24-hour surveillance
  • Early detection is critical.
  • Quick reaction
  • Preventative upkeep

By collaborating with an NOC, an MSP delegated those duties to dedicated professionals, allowing them to respond faster during downtime. This implies that attacks are detected sooner, issues are fixed faster, and network security measures are adjusted in response to the ever-changing world of cybercrime. These characteristics help minimize client downtime following theft or system corruption. 

Overcome Gaps in Skills and Staffing

Every MSP can speak to the challenges of hiring and training a crew. Finding and retaining the right individuals can be difficult. Even with a great team, technology advances rapidly, often too quickly for employees to keep up. 

While investing in technicians and educating them is a beautiful method for MSPs to develop a great culture and scale successfully, only some people can know some things.

A NOC assists MSPs in overcoming these obstacles. By bringing in outsourced professionals to supplement your team’s experience, the right partner can take over regular, time-consuming duties and close the skills gap. 

An outsourced network operations centre can give skilled assistance in the following areas:

  • Tasks involving complex network management
  • Disaster recovery and backup
  • Capabilities for advanced scripting and sequencing
  • L1 and L2 service support
  • Agility in an unpredictability market

With a NOC, you can increase access to the relevant talents, address staffing gaps, and ensure your clients receive the finest service possible, no matter what challenges arise.

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Invest Where It Has Impact.

Building an in-house NOC can be expensive and time-consuming in terms of both resources and training time. MSPs may want to invest their resources in areas with more business impact rather than developing a department that might be outsourced for less money. 

MSPs can ensure high-quality service without the significant cost of internal development by integrating an outsourced NOC with their RMM. A NOC becomes a predictable (scalable) monthly expense with the correct pricing structure.

Embracing an External Network Operations Centre for Growth

A growth attitude is essential for any MSP to be successful. Outsourcing NOC services is one method for meeting rising client demand without stretching your resources too thin. MSPs who collaborate with an outsourced network operations centre gain efficiency, free up time for in-house technicians, and broaden their knowledge and expertise. Consider the following: A NOC provides access to professionals who aren’t hampered by housekeeping activities that divert their attention away from what they do best. 

And, with an NOC removing fundamental tasks off your plate, you have the flexibility for growth that you wouldn’t have had before, whether it’s through leveraging your larger hiring budget or having your existing staff invest more time in professional development.

How to Choose an Outsourced NOC Provider

Choosing the correct NOC is a critical decision that affects your performance and your customer’s success. Here are some crucial considerations when selecting an outsourced NOC provider:

Experience and expertise: Look for an NOC with a track record of handling complex network infrastructures and a staff of experienced and qualified engineers. Ascertain that they have worked with your specific type of network architecture and have a thorough understanding of your company requirements.

Availability and response time: An NOC provider should be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help and quickly respond to any difficulties. Look for a provider with a guaranteed response time and a service level agreement (SLA) that satisfies the expectations of your clients.

Customization and Flexibility: Look for a NOC supplier that can tailor its services to your specific requirements. They should be adaptable enough to changes in your client’s network infrastructure while providing a customized degree of service that fits your needs.

Cost-effective: Look for a NOC provider who provides services within your budget. They should be open and honest about their pricing and clarify what services are included.

Security: Confirm that the NOC provider has robust security protocols to safeguard your client’s network infrastructure and data. They must have stringent access controls and secure data storage and transmission procedures.

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