Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Course Duration

1 Month


Google Cloud Platform


15,000 INR 

Why Google Cloud?

Cloud role is among the top in-demand IT Technology. Knowledge of Google Cloud’s end-to-end solutions will help in modernizing services or build cloud-native applications. Knowledge of how to make IT infrastructure hybrid and multi-cloud, how to manage Kuberenet engines and Anthos, How to design, develop, and deploy cloud applications.

Google cloud computing
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What is Google Cloud?

Google cloud is a platform, propound by Google, and which is commonly used to cloud computing services. The platform assists in compute, storage, big data, machine learning, and therefore the internet of things (IoT), also as cloud management, security, and developer tools. Google Cloud resources are frequently retrieved by enterprise IT Professionals.

Topics to be covered

This Training program will help you become the Google Cloud professional (Associate Level). In the end of this training you will become master implementing, deploying, migrating, and maintaining application on cloud infrastructure.

Post Training Support

After the completion of the training, if the candidates have any queries in any particular topic or part they can rejoin the program. Apart from this, we will provide full support through Mail, calls, and WhatsApp.
Updates in technology and the IT Industry will be provided from time to time through mails.

What you will learn in this course

Google cloud training program is customized according to the need of the candidate. This Associate level program will train you in implementing, deploying, migrating, and maintaining applications on cloud infrastructure.
The candidate will get to know more about Google Cloud Computing services, computing with Kubernetes, managing Kubernetes cluster, networking in the cloud: virtual private clouds and virtual private networks, deploying storage in Google cloud platform, Monitoring, logging, and cost estimating.
At the end of this training program, you will be a certified Google Cloud professional at the Associate level.

How you will benefit?

Technology Areas

Data Center Services

Routing and Switching